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WordPress in 1 click

Install with just one click your WordPress and start enjoying it fast and without complications. Discover all the pre-installed plugins and ready-to-use templates included in your WordPress Hosting plan.

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Web templates

All Webcane WordPress Hosting plans include hundreds of templates oriented by sectors and themes that will allow you to customize them to the point of looking like real programmed webs.

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Pre-installed plugins

Infortelecom offers you a series of pre-installed plugins with your WordPress Hosting so you can create a more professional and easier web in a simpler and faster way. Optimization for SEO, adding social network buttons, and many more functions.

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Safe Platform

Your WordPress includes our free patch and automatic cleaning services. Forget intrusions and broken or fallen pages and keep your web and your mail always safe.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting in Webcane Host

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Worry about just enjoying your WordPress site, we take care of the servers.

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Infortelecom services adapt to your project as it grows. You can expand your plan or change service quickly and easily, without having to worry about technical work.

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Start enjoying your WordPress immediately and without registration fee. In a few minutes you can enjoy your page with a hosting with the best features for your web project.

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Webcane Host is one of the leading hosting companies in Spain. Since 1996 we have been dedicated to hosting web projects. Trust the true experts of the sector.

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Thanks to the Webcane Host virtual platform, your WordPress Expert Hosting service always works at maximum performance in a stable, safe and without drops.

IP wordpress free hostingUSA/AuSTRALIA/CANADA & UK IP

Our WordPress Hosting plans have a USA/AuSTRALIA/CANADA & UK IP since Webcane Host has its own data center in USA. This will favor your web project in the face of SEO positioning and access speed.

Frequently asked questions about WordPress Hosting

What are the differences between Web Hosting and WebCane Host WordPress Hosting?

Webcane Host WordPress Hosting differs from the rest by using dedicated servers exclusively for this application. In addition, we have a specialized WordPress technical team in charge of giving you technical support in what you may need.

What are the advantages of using WordPress hosting?

With Hosting WordPress is not only hiring a hosting, but is directly accessing your WordPress! The application comes pre-installed, you just have to worry about indicating the name of your domain and choosing the template and start to dump the content. It’s that easy!

What WordPress Hosting plan should I hire?

Depending on the size of your project. You should get one that has more or less capacity of web space, mailboxes … If you doubt which is appropriate for you contact us and we will advise you. Also, if after a while your plan is small you can change to a higher plan without problem.

Do I need an SSL certificate for my website?

It is highly recommended that your website has an SSL certificate. In addition, if your website is oriented to electronic commerce the Organic Layout of Data Protection forces you to have one. If you decide to implement it, in WebCane we have several SSL certificate options in which you surely find the one that best suits your web project.