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 ✓ More visibility and improved Google rankings

 ✓ Higher protection against phishing attempts

 ✓ Confirms the authenticity and identity of your website

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Webcane has partnered with top companies who issuers SSL certificates to provide you with the best options for website security. SSL certificates protect your website against security vulnerabilities, SSL certificates massively increase e-commerce conversion rates and maximize your customers’ trust. It allow you to collect payment from credit and debit card.


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SSL encryption

up to 256-bit

up to 256-bit

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The Gold Standard of Web Security: Your SSL Certificate

Maximum security & trust

Rely on secure data transfer between your visitor’s browser and your website. Your visitor can convince himself of the authenticity of your website thanks to the green “curtain lock symbol” in the browser address bar. With an SSL certificate, you convey more authenticity and signal your website visitors the highest level of professionalism and seriousness.

Positive ranking factor

In addition to the good content of the website, Google is also particularly important that online communication and purchase are as safe as possible. That’s why since 2014, all websites that have a secure SSL connection are rewarded by Google with the top spots in the SERPs. With an SSL certificate, you can achieve up to 5% higher search engine rankings with little effort.

Strong 256-bit encryption

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer – your customers’ sensitive and confidential data (credit card numbers, etc.) are encrypted between the browser and the web server via SSL / HTTPS protocol and are neither visible nor usable by third parties. Here we rely on a strong and fast 256-bit SSL encryption without web page performance losses.

Your website is totally secure with us

Thanks to the integrated web application firewall and modern container isolation, webcane webhosting provide the highest level of customer protection. Unlike industry practice, your hosting instance becomes encapsulated in virtual containers and can not be influenced by other customers. The integrated firewall automatically blocks attacks before you reach your website.